Sizing Charts

Transparent Lip Reading Masks:

A white person with shoulder length blue hair is smiling and looking into the camera wearing a black cotton face mask that features a clear plastic window over the mouth. 



Cotton Face Masks:

We recently added an "adult small" size in our Cotton Face Masks. We had requests from customers who found themselves between our two sizes so we have now made that an official size to choose from. If you are buying a Cotton Face Mask for an adult with a larger head, we suggest you select the "extra long" option when choosing your elastic. 


How to measure your face:

Take a tailor's tape measure and measure right in front of one ear, across your face/over your cupid's bow to right in front of your other ear. Match this number to the corresponding number on the sizing chart. If you are in between sizes, size down for a snugger fit or size up for a looser fit and tie a knot in the elastic strap(s) as needed. 


If you have any questions or concerns regarding sizing please email us at and we would happy to assist you!