Transparent Lip Reading Mask - Royal Blue

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Transparent Lip Reading Mask - Royal Blue
  • Two layers of 100% cotton
  • Window made from quality hard plastic 
  • Nose wire sewn in
  • Fabric is pre-shrunk
  • Hand wash and hang dry
  • Choose head elastic or ear elastic

    For details on sizing, please check out our sizing page. 

    Note: In the elastic drop down menu you will find the option for either head or ear elastic. This refers to whether you would prefer the elastic straps to go behind and around your head (as pictured) or to go behind each ear (like on a surgical mask). 


    As of 9/17/2020, our current turnaround time is a week and a half before shipping. For orders of ten or more, you will receive an email with an estimated turnaround time. Thank you for your patience!


    Handmade in San Diego, California. Your purchase supports local theatre artisans. 


    Disclaimer: These masks cannot guarantee the prevention of COVID-19. The CDC recommends cloth masks to help slow the spread of COVID-19.